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The 5 Leading WordPress Website Features Of 2019 – Plus, The Top 33 WordPress Web Development Companies

Mar 27, 2019 | Press

Almost 15 percent of the top 100 websites in the world are powered by WordPress – and for good reason, too. WordPress equips businesses with several imperative functionalities that are proven to improve traffic, conversions, brand awareness and revenue.

Plus, WordPress is one of the fastest growing content management systems in the world. This means that it doesn’t just provide a great user interface, but it’s simple for businesses to manage as well., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, uncovered the top WordPress web design functionalities. Each feature has the ability to help brands grow effectively and achieve long-term success.

The top 5 WordPress web design features of 2019 are:

1. Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is arguably the best content management system for search engine optimization. The hosting platform automatically has fields for key SEO items such as titles, alt image tags, and meta descriptions.

In addition, there are plenty of plugins and programs that can help brands further improve and customize their SEO strategies on the WordPress site.

2. Responsive Design

Websites built on WordPress come optimized for various mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This mobile-friendly interface is shown to increase conversions and build strong brand loyalty with consumers.

3. Seamless Integrations

Although WordPress websites come equipped with plenty of features, brands also have the option of integrating various plugins to further customize and improve their own site. Plugins can be paid or free, and include items such as:

  • Social media platforms
  • Contact forms
  • Data and analytics
  • Email marketing assistance
  • And more!

4. Strong Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is paramount for online businesses, and a safe website will protect their sensitive data and customer’s private information. Luckily, WordPress offers several cybersecurity measures, including data backup, system updates, secure logins, and more.

5. Scalable Designs

WordPress is both extremely customizable and, thus, scalable for businesses. Brands have the option of building their own personalized interface or using a pre-designed template. In addition, through several plugins and features, a WordPress website’s capabilities can grow in conjunction with a growing business.

“WordPress is a great choice for many companies looking to improve their online presence,” says DesignRush Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gabriel Shaoolian. “WordPress’s many offerings can be tailored to nearly any business goal or industry, especially with the help of qualified WordPress web designers.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the best local and global WordPress development companies. Some of the top WordPress web design agencies from around the world include:

1. Afritech Media

Afritech Media’s web development services including WordPress, as well as social media marketing, logo design and search engine optimization (SEO). They are the leading Website Design Company in Kenya.

Visit Afritech Media at

2. ALT Agency

As a team of 8 digital professionals, ALT Agency specializes in designing beautiful websites that are functional and convert website visitors into sales & inquiries. By infusing highly impactful design with online sales psychology, ALT Agency builds websites will be built for conversions – whether that’s getting website visitors to pick up the phone, fill out a form, or purchase product through a website.

Visit ALT Agency at

3. Artbox Creative Studios

Artbox Creative Studios was founded on the belief that big ideas can grow in small places and strengthen any brand – big or small. They always say that you don’t need 500 people, let alone 50 to create great, long lasting impressions. Artbox Creative Studios was founded in 2007 with the mindset of creating outstanding design and development through traditional and new media. And at the end of the day, that’s really what it all comes down to: Creating big ideas and unique voices for their clients’ brands.

Visit Artbox Creative Studios at

4. Athena Media Singapore

Sure, Athena Media Singapore may be sweet – but when brands work with them, they won’t sugarcoat the truth about the performance of their digital marketing game plan. Athena Media Singapore believes that brands deserve honesty, and they care about their clients’ success, not just their own bottom line. They aim to unleash businesses into the digital world with a brand identity that commands attention and establish their online presence with a strategic plan that will maximize success.

Visit Athena Media Singapore

5. Aurora Digital

Aurora Digital exists to bring customer-centered solutions to accelerate their customers’ businesses. Aurora Digital’s main goal is to make the customers feel that they are well taken care of. To accomplish that, their project/account managers take ownership of the project and will independently solve issues as they arise (with clients’ direct insight). The project manager shall be available and responsive all the time during the entire project and also responsible to keep brands up to date on the latest events in the project. Their belief as a company is that Design, IT and Marketing should go hand in hand. As a result of that, Aurora Digital’s design team and marketing team work closely with their development team to deliver products with great marketability.

Visit Aurora Digital at

6. CedCommerce

CedCommerce’s aim is to make the Internet a better place to sell on. Incepted in 2010, CedCommerce is revolutionizing the way eCommerce is perceived and performed over the Internet. Driven by a team of highly experienced and veteran professionals, CedCommerce is enabling brick and mortar stores to make the shift to the Internet. They also cater to a large client base consisting of sellers who have already made the shift to the web, helping them have their first taste of success and boosting their sales.

Visit CedCommerce at

7. Duess Web Design

Since 1999, Duess Design has created some impactful online presences for businesses through its expertise in Web Design, eCommerce, WordPress Websites, and Social Media. Their specialty is developing responsive, easy to navigate, professional websites for small to medium-sized businesses in all walks of life. They work very closely with brands from start to finish to ensure that each website reflects the individuality of every brand and continually reaches the right client base in the most impactful way.

Visit Duess Web Design at

8. DVS

What makes DVS strong and unique is is their passionate perspective and people on their team. They believe that Strategic Design + Innovation delivered by people with a passion is what makes a successful agency, not just a cool location or the latest equipment. Always evolving to satisfy brands’ needs, DVS is a full-service Marketing & Advertising Agency with a strong focus on Strategic Design + Innovation.

Visit DVS at

9. ElephantMark

ElephantMark is a full-service website design and branding agency located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. They build brands from the ground up by creating unique brand experiences and brand strategies. ElephantMark crafts unique brand strategies and helps small and large businesses alike to reach new audiences. A typical scope of work could include a brand audit, brand naming, brand identity design, a brand strategy manual, a website, signage design, advertising campaigns, and more.

Visit ElephantMark at

10. creates brands, innovative mobile-first websites and e-commerce stores. And they use strategy, design, technology, and development to do it. In other words, they are experts at solving persistent problems with modern websites. Their clients’ brands and websites tell a story and create an experience for the humans they want and need to connect with.’s job is to guide clients through that process step by step. They create the artwork and digital space that captures each client’s essence, symbol, and authentic self.

Visit at

11. Hooked On Code

Hooked On Code is a professional WordPress Website Agency located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex working with businesses and organizations globally. They specialize in creating and redesigning websites using WordPress, Divi Theme, and WP Engine hosting. They also offer a wide range of consulting services related to websites, web services, service selection, and integration. Their focus with projects is not just meeting clients’ goals but also respecting the integrity of the tools they use (namely WordPress and the theme in use) to avoid breaking the rules to save time. By respecting the boundaries and intentions of the tools in use, they are able to provide clients with an easy to use and sustainable website for their own purposes moving far into the future.

Visit Hooked On Code at


IdeaZone is one of the oldest and most respected web design companies in Victoria, BC. As early adopters of the WordPress content management platform, their web designers have gained a reputation for designing beautiful WordPress websites. This reputation is how IdeaZone has become a world-class website design & digital marketing firm. Located in beautiful Victoria, BC, they have clients in Canada, the U.S and around the world. Their services cover all areas of website design and digital marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Conversion Rate Optimization and Local SEO.

Visit at

To view the article in full check out DesignRush.


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